Gay World Guide

July 27th. 2017

Think of us as a quick fix gay guide. Within seconds, you’ll know what there is, where it is and any major gay events coming up, in any town you pick. We are intentionally keeping it as simple and fast for you to navigate as possible, with the minimum of distractions.

The cities highlighted in bold text, are top gay destinations.


San Francisco | New York | Los Angeles | Miami Palm Springs | Washington D.C.
Fort Lauderdale | New Orleans | Key West | Dallas | Chicago | Seattle | Las Vegas | San Diego
Portland | Minneapolis | Provincetown | Philadelphia | Houston | Austin | Atlanta

Gay Europe

Paris, France | Berlin, GermanyAmsterdam, Holland | Mykonos, Greece
Copenhagen, Denmark | Rome, Italy | Lisbon, Portugal | Budapest, Hungary

Gay UK

London | Manchester | Brighton | Bournemouth | Birmingham | Newcastle | Liverpool
Blackpool | Bristol | Leeds | LeicesterCardiff | Edinburgh | Glasgow | Belfast | Dublin

Gay Spain

Barcelona | Madrid | Sitges | Torremolinos | Maspalomas | Benidorm | Ibiza | Seville
Alicante | Bilbao | Malaga | Granada | Cadiz | Marbella | Murcia | Palma de Mallorca
San Sebastian | Tenerife | Valencia | Zaragoza

Gay Mexico

Puerto Vallarta | Playa del Carmen | Mexico City | Cancun | Tijuana
Guadalajara | Monterrey | Merida | Veracruz | Oaxaca

Gay Asia

Tokyo, Japan | Shanghai, ChinaTel Aviv, Israel

Where can I go in winter?

Of the towns & cities we list so far, Maspalomas, which is in on Gran Canaria, an island in the Grand Canaries archipelago, belonging to Spain, but off the coast of Africa. Guaranteed hot and the only place we know that holds a Winter Pride, cos its guaranteed hot enough to do it!
Miami & Fort Lauderdale in Florida, USA. Join those Canadian snow birds that flock south, taking a break from the brutal north pole. Or go even further south to Key West. Guaranteed to be warm there.
Puerto Vallarta & Playa del Carmen in Mexico. Its actually the best time of year to go. Hot, but not too damned hot! Also the other towns we list in Mexico, if you want to get off the tourist track.

Of course, if you don’t mind the cold, the world is your frozen oyster, but bear in mind, just about everywhere in the Mediterranean region runs at a fraction of what it does in summer.

Where should I not miss?
This just applies to the cities we list so far, but we already have most of the main gay hot spots.

Barcelona – A stunning city. Architecture that is out of this world and men that are heaven sent!
We spend our whole lives watching movies that come out of Los Angeles. Shouldn’t we all take a pilgrimage there, once in our lives?
Gay Paris, because it is. London of course. Say hi to The Queen for me. If fetish is your thing, the fetish capital of the world, Berlin in Germany. It also has probably the best gay club in the world; Berghain, a power plant turned into every type of gay venue you can think of, under one roof. If you just want to dance, the best place on the planet is the island of Ibiza in the Mediterranean, not far off the coast from Barcelona, Spain. Its not unusual to get back to your hotel 72 party popping hours after leaving it! Privilege, the world’s biggest dance club is there.

We are continuing to add new cities all the time, so don’t forget to bookmark your new quick gay city reference. Please only bookmark this page. We are still working on the layout and any other page may change.